The Leonard Davis Institute


Who We Are

The Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations is a research institute in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

It is committed to the advancement of cutting edge research in the field of International Relations, adopting a wide interdisciplinary approach to the field. Beyond the traditional topics of international relations, the institute also fosters research and activities regarding gender, conflict and peace, under the umbrella of the Sophie Davis Forum. Our work in the institute focuses on the cultivation of research, graduate education, and ties to the community.

The institute sponsors research of scholars and research groups, as well as initiates academic conferences and workshops. In Addition, The Institute sponsors a unique, competitive graduate program, known as the Davis Graduate School for International Relations (DGSIR - also known in its Hebrew acronym, TELEM IR), in coordination with the International Relations Department at the Hebrew University.

Finally, we seek to make academic research accessible to the broader Israeli public, as well as to Israeli decision makers. We promote this goal through our journal Politika and our podcast, both in Hebrew, and through the hosting of various public events.

Our Main Programs

Funding Opportunities