About the Institute

The Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations was established in 1972 at the Hebrew University
of Jerusalem, thanks to the generosity of Leonard and Sophie Davis. It is part of the Faculty of Social
Sciences. The Institute provides an independent platform for the research, teaching, and discussion
of international relations in general and Israeli diplomacy and foreign policy in particular. In an age of
globalization, the institute endeavors to broaden the Israeli public’s horizons by acquainting it with the
domestic and international implications of Israeli foreign policy.
Three main aims guide the Institute:
• To promote research on international relations from a broad interdisciplinary perspective, drawing
on knowledge from a range of academic fields;
• To acquaint the general public with key issues in international politics and Israeli foreign policy and
to encourage their discussion;
• To ensure that the knowledge and expertise of the Institute’s scholars regarding matters of security
and foreign affairs are available and accessible to the relevant elements in Israeli government

The Institute also advances research on foreign affairs, diplomacy, international law and institutions,
security studies, and negotiation and conflict resolution.
The Institute contributes generously to scholarships and grants in order to promote scholarship
concerning international studies. The Institute manages research projects and organizes public events,
including international conferences, workshops, and seminars. It also hosts researchers from Israel
and abroad and facilitates research groups, such as those focusing on energy and geopolitics, cyber
and security, and the future of Jerusalem. The Institute awards the annual David Carmon Prize for
outstanding work on International Relations, the Middle East, and Israel’s security.
The Institute publishes the periodical “Politika,” a Hebrew-language Journal of Political Science and
International Relations. It also publishes a column called Discovering the World on the popular online
news website Ynet, containing analyses and opinion pieces by scholars of international relations from
around the world.
The Institute established the Sophie Davis Forum on Gender, Conflict Resolution and Peace, a forum
focusing on the links between gender, conflict and peace, for example: the role of women in conflict and
conflict resolution, the peace process, and the use of gender research approaches for understanding
and resolving conflicts.
The Institute’s research track, known as the Davis Graduate School of International Relations (DGSIR), is
the product of cooperation between the Department of International Relations and the Davis Institute
for International Relations. This prestigious track, which offers combined M.A. and PhD studies, can be
completed in five years. It is a new program, the first of its kind in Israel, which grants research students
financial security in the framework of a high-achieving and challenging scholarly environment.