Dr. Dan Sagir

Dr. Dan Sagir is a researcher and lecturer on the topic of Israeli nuclear deterrence and its impact on the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East. His doctoral dissertation on the topic of “Israel`s Nuclear Deterrence Posture and its Effects on the Arab-Israeli Conflict Since 1967,” was written in the Department of International Relations, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In the mid-1980s he worked as the foreign correspondent in South Africa for Ha’aretz and Israeli radio. In June 1986 he was expelled from South Africa by the government due to critical reporting of the apartheid regime. In the following years he worked as a journalist for Ha’aretz newspaper, covering  various areas including army and security. As the newspaper’s correspondent he published a series of articles dealing with Israel’s nuclear opacity and the integration of nuclear deterrence in Israel’s security policy. As Research Fellow at the Davis Institute he will work on writing a book in Hebrew and in English on the impact of Israel’s nuclear posture on the development of the Arab-Israeli conflict over the past five decades.