Dr. Alma Vardari

Alma Vardari
Post Doctoral Fellow
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations, conducting research on the topic of EU statebuilding in the Western Balkans.   
I received my PhD in Sociology from the Tel-Aviv University and my MA in Behavioral Sciences from the Ben-Gurion University, majoring in Political Sociology. I am also an adjunct lecturer at the Dept. of Politics and Government at the Ben-Gurion University. During my academic life, among the most distinguished international awards and research grants I have won, are: The Robert Schuman Doctoral research grant (2010), the Konrad Adenauer Doctoral Fellowship (2011), the Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellowship spent at the Global Studies Division, at Stanford University (2014-2015), and the Humboldt Fellowship (2016).  
Balkan politics and societies have comprised my research focus starting from 2000, when I had the chance to work with Kosovar refugees. Ever since, I have been building my professional expertise in Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia and USA as a researcher of contention politics, international statebuilding and European post-communist societies. I have also been teaching in Israel and abroad courses on Balkan politics, social movements and international intervention, topics on which I have authored articles and book chapters in English and Hebrew.