Dr. Einat Gedalya-Lavy

Einat  Gedalya-Lavy
Post doctoral fellow
Einat Gedalya-Lavy is a current Sophie Davis Postdoctoral Fellow in Gender, Conflict Resolution and Peace at the Davis Institute for International Relations, Hebrew University. Her PhD work at the Political Science Department in Tel-Aviv University examined the relationships between feminism, media framing of women and politics and the gender gap in voting in Israel over time. Her current study focuses on a comparative analysis of attitudes and values of women and men toward peace and security issues.
Gedalya-Lavy is a recipient of several academic awards and scholarships, including: the Na'amat doctoral research grant and the Tami Steinmetz research grant together with Prof. Herzog regarding women's voices on issues of peace and security. She has been an active member of the "Gender Gap in Voting" research group at "Shavot" center for the advancement of women in the public sphere at Van-Leer Institute in Jerusalem. She was a research fellow at the Harold Hartog School of Government and Policy (Goldman Junior fellowship). Her research interests include: Gender and Politics; Gender, Peace and Security; Political Communication; Elections Studies; Political Psychology, and Political Methodology.