Post-doctoral Fellows

Dr. Cameron S. Brown

Research topic: “The Ideational Revolution in Military Affairs: How the Territorial Integrity Norm Affected How Wars Begin, How They Are Fought, and How They End"


Dr. Michael Freedman

Department of International Relations
Michael Freedman is a postdoctoral fellow in the Departments of Political Science and International Relations at the Hebrew University of …

Dr. Einat Gedalya-Lavy

Research topic: “A Different Voice? The Gender Gap in Values and Attitudes toward Peace and Security Issues in a Comparative Perspective”
Einat Gedalya-Lavy is a Sophie Davis Postdoctoral Fellow in Gender, Conflict Resolution and Peace at the Davis Institute for International …

Dr. Toby Greene

Research topic: “Israel’s Identity from an International Perspective: Perceptions of Israel among Policy Makers in the West”
Toby Greene is an Israel Institute post-doctoral fellow.

Dr. Roee Kibrik

Research topic: “The Theoretical Gap and Intractable Conflicts: The Concept of Sovereignty and the Conflicts in Israel/ Palestine, Northern Ireland, and Sri-Lanka”


Dr. Noa Levi

Department of International Relations
Sophie Davis Post-Doctoral Fellow on Gender, Conflict Resolution and Peace

Dr. Irina Lyan

Irina Lyan received her PhD in Organization Studies, Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2017.