Commentary Articles in Ynet

The Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations in collaboration with Ynet news website has launched a channel called "Discovering the World".
In this channel, commentary articles for researches from all around the world are published in the International Relations field.
Below are links for published articles in Hebrew:


Islamic Republic stables are being cleaned 25.03.18

Kim Jong Un took the gold, and what remains to South Korea? 20.03.18

President for life. China is back to one-man rule 12.03.18

Contrary to Iran? Nuclear state relations with Saudi Arabia tightens 06.03.18

Chinese Century: Beijing's longest hand in the world 26.02.18

Problematic deportation. Israel's "third country" solution 20.02.18

Ambitious without receipts. The strongest man in Saudi Arabia is far from being happy 08.02.18

Is it just a sport? Kim Jong Un smile diplomacy 14.01.18


Iran is not alone: Trump against the country that "supports terrorism" 12.11.17

Djibouti - China's longest arm in Africa 17.09.17

Diving back in time: Navy corruption was not invented in Israel 04.09.17

Catch-22 of the Latin American Left 21.08.17

Under the red cloak: the monks who incite to genocide 12.08.17

The refugee crisis: The world shoots itself in the foot 05.06.17

The Saudis place high hopes on Donald Trump 30.4.17


Colombian example: This is how a bloody war ends   08.12.16

She lost the people. The Korean president is on the verge of being deposed 30.11.16

The bubble burst. Brazil returns to the world of classes    24.11.16

To his right. The angry South sees Trump as his Savior     06.11.16

Korean Rasputin. The secret counselor who toppled the president   02.11.16

Trump Land. The American test of liberalism  26.10.16

Between Grozny and Aleppo. When the US folds to Russia  18.10.16

No longer sitting on the fence. China intervenes in southern Sudan  28.09.16

Two steps forward, one back. Superpowers tango 21.09.16

Waiting for her fall. Only Clinton will save Trump 29.08.16

Indonesian Islam has a cure for the Middle East 28.07.16

The European Union has failed in building a country. See value Kosovo 07.07.16

Between Trump and Clinton: Israel will miss Obama   16.06.16 

Similar, but different. Collision course between ISIS and Al-Qaeda 05.06.16

National sport - to overthrow the left. Ghosts of the past haunt Brazil   22.05.16


After the revolution, the president of Argentina cleans up the mess 21.12.15
The path of peace. Colombia is betting on a national reconciliation 12.10.15
Gamble military intervention. Turkey in the Syrian mud  06.09.15
The march of folly of unilateral action 27.8.15
Nuclear arms race. Saudi Arabia is not left behind 26.07.15
Not only Islamic. There is another Turkey, secular 21.07.15
The European neighbor's grass is greener 15.07.15
Responsible adult or nothing. Who is the international community? 19.06.15
Obama is the worst to Israel of all US presidents? 11.06.15
A share that is safe for investment. Security is the king of the world 03.06.15
Perhaps in Havana they will cook up a dish for Colombian peace 20.05.15
Israel-Germany, 50 years: still not a true friendship 12.05.15
The day in which companies will sue the EU 07.05.15
Gave up on the Kosovo card? Serbian poker game 21.04.15
American alienation leads to Israeli-Chinese renaissance 15.4.15
Iran, fear and self-fulfilling prophecies 05.04.15
Looking towards Zion. Turkey recalls Jewish disasters 02.04.15
Time to criticize. Silencing illustrators will not help 28.03.15
Harassment of women is a security issue. We must internalize! 08.03.15
And how the government will react if Netanyahu would convince the Congress? 01.03.15
Who can we turn to in times of European boycott on Israel? Asia? 22.02.15
Boko Haram. Terrorist organization that holds a country in captivity 12.02.15
NATO missile proliferation: Turkey-West relations in test 06.02.15
The Department of Communication. Nasrallah, let's talk about it 02.02.15
Right on target. Robin Hood, Corner Iraq-Syria 29.1.15
Sixty six year old state looking for a foreign policy with a purpose 18.01.15
Oman: the Sultan is dying, on the way to inheritance battle 12.01.15
Grade 6 on the report card: Is Israel a corrupted country? 08.01.15


We are a superpower. The Japanese want to stop apologizing 29.12.14
Israel and the Sunni bloc: from secret collaboration to reconciliation? 25.12.14
Without Islam. The great democracy is going up 11.12.14
Praising the failure. Dream is not gone regarding space tourism 13.11.14
Diaspora will not tolerate racist policy 01.11.14
The world's number one superpower in computer games 22.09.14
Cyber threat - the Achilles heel of space systems? 12.09.14
What are we talking about when we talk about security 04/09/14
 A race for gold and oil. Arctic politics 25/08/14
Israel and the United States: a special relationship with an asterisk 14/08/14
When the alarm is activated, you are entitled to switch to the World Cup 13/07/14
Open scar: Nepal is far, far away from reconciliation 02/07/14
Attention reader Rohani: Peace is a risky business 25/06/14
Sri Lanka managed to catch a tiger. What about us 19/06/14
Who needs two to tango? Ex parte peace 05/06/14
The Challengers: U.S. power in question 29/05/2014
Stuck to throne. Liberators have become tyrants 20/05/2014
Suddenly, a man wakes up: Ron Pundak and private peace entrepreneurs 15/05/2014
Hatred, incitement and loss of identity. What's happening to Malaysia? 07/05/2014
Discovered America: the big money flees from China 24/04/2014
20 years for the Rwandan genocide: Never again? 06/04/14
Israel is not alone. Cyprus also wants peace and security 31/03/2014
Stalin effect: Israel and the Palestinians are dying of fear 24/03/2014
Dreaming in Spanish. Catalonia is entitled to independence 17/03/2014
3 years since the triple disaster in Japan: unity cracks 11/03/14
Political Science. The engineers who worked for Franco 06/03/14
Turkish aircraft carrier on the Israeli radar 22/02/14
Civil service - good or bad? Learn from Germany  11/02/14 
Bad politics. The Achilles heel of al - Qaeda  05/02/2014
Killing of civilians in combat. When the weak breaks the rules 30/01/2014
Menachem Begin saved the refugees. Who will save them today? 21/01/2014
Zigzagging with vision. The world according to Obama 01/01/2014


No revolutions. North Korea creates the perfect citizen 22/12/2013
Mailing List. Living abroad and thinking of home 18/12/2013
Out of the north the evil shall break forth. Nigeria battles for her life 09/12/2013 
The film's plot twist. That is how the Pirates were robbed 03/12/2013 
Nationalist, achiever and a friend of Israel. The next Prime Minister of India? 21/11/2013
Nobel Peace Prize for struggle against chemical weapons 12/10/13
Do we need to Help Collaborators? Remember the SLA. 06/10/2013
End of Castro's Season, the Cuban Revolution, to where? 17/09/2013
The Support of Superpower countries against Radical Islam. 05/09/2013
Carrot and Stick. Sanctions on Israel- Good or Bad? 07/08/2013
Stars Struggle: Politics has a Place- Even in Space. 28/07/2013
Their Cottage Cheese Boycott. Also The Chinese want Social Justice. 17/07/2013
A Wolf A Wolf: Why is it Forbidden to present Cyber Assault as a Fault? 08/07/2013
The Arbitrator is in trap. Lebanese Army is Weakening. 03/07/2013
"The Islamic Threat". Myanmar doesn't want to be Bosnia. 27/06/2013
Good for Morales: Democracy in Bolivia has been twisted. 17/06/2013
Boston, London, Paris. Is Global Terrorism not a withdrawal? 11/06/2013
The Chinese Dream: To Be the "United States" of Culture. 26/05/2013
Despite Problems, but Democratic. Which Country is this? 13/05/2013
UN Alarmed: The Respect of Human Rights- a Recommendation. 22/04/2013
In the Honor of Yair Lapid: Equal Burden, Latin American Version. 14/04/2013
Prayers instead of Guns. How strong is the army of the Pope? 25/03/2013
Israel is waiting for Obama: The lecture is about to begin. 19/03/2013
Language Will Cause You War. Bush and Sharon for example. 11/03/2013
The International Woman's Day: Clean the House and Shut Up? 08/03/2013
Comics Instead of F-16. The Weak Power of Japan. 25/02/2013
The big democracy you did not hear about- Indonesia. 17/02/2013
Not a walk in the playground. The obstacles faced by South Korea's President "Park".3/02/2013 
The two Sudans dropped the weapon in favor of the union. How did that happen? 23/01/2013
Between the lines. What is France really looking for in Africa? 18/01/2013
From 1948 till "Operation Pillar of Defense". Israel is addicted to wars. 23/12/2013
A demilitarized country without army. Will the Palestinians agree? 3/12/2012
Israel (again) is not in need of victory. 21/11/2012