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Third Learning Community meeting: Borders, Walls, and other Possibilities - Theorizing Gender in Conflicted Spaces 18-20/2/19

The reality in which we exist, nurture and maintain relationships, as well as create and disseminate knowledge, is shaped, marked and defined by layers of ongoing and intersecting conflicts. Consequently, much of our everyday life is exercised and navigated through un/seen borders and boundaries. While these are often seen as barriers, we would like to suggest addressing them as opportunities to enhance human wellbeing, relationships and knowledge.
The first day, Borders, Gender and other Possibilities, will focus on social and geopolitical borders and how they are simultaneously shaped by, and constitute gender aspects of the social world. The second day, Walls, Gender and other Possibilities, will trace the ways in which various borders discussed in the first day operate within the university setting. We will both outline un/seen walls and suggest ways to turn them into opportunities for collaboration and transformation. The third day, Look Borders and Walls in the I, will focus on the ethnography of borders (and walls) and will include a tour to some of Jerusalem more and less known walls and a methodological discussion about urban ethnography.
Overall, the meeting is meant to explore several themes:
  1. A gendered view of un/seen, symbolic, physical, social, geopolitical borders, and the ways in which they intersect, and impact the lived reality of diverse populations. 
  2. A constant moving between an in-depth look at a particular case study (Israel/Palestine) and a comparative lens.
  3. Exploring the academic world as a “private” case study, within the general “public” social order. 
  4. Looking at a continuum on which un/seen borders function as maintaining, reproducing and challenging sociopolitical borders.
Please note:
This event will take place in English and will be video recorded
Participation is free, but seating is limited. Please RSVP at:
(You can RSVP for one/two/three days)
For further questions contact: Dr. Tal Nitsan,
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