Call for Papers and Proposal Submission

We invite the submission of proposals for individual papers and organized panels/roundtables for the 8th Eurasian Peace Science Conference, which will take place on January 14-15, 2019, at the Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Jerusalem, Israel.
We welcome proposals for both organized panels/roundtables, individual papers, as well as proposals related to this year's theme "Peace Science in Contested Spaces". All aspects of the peace science discipline are welcome, including in particular: (a) empirical studies of political violence and peaceful resolution; (b) quantitative and formal analyses of conflict and peace processes; (c) peace science methodology and theory; (d) alliances, investment, trade, and conflict; (e) economic and political causes of international and domestic violence, encompassing war, ethnic conflict, terrorism, and criminal activity; (f) contemporary regional conflicts, particularly in Eurasia and the Middle East; (g) security and foreign policy; and (h) conflict analysis, management, and resolution.
Individual Paper Submissions: Prospective authors (graduate students or faculty members) are invited to submit an individual paper proposal that should include: a tentative title, an abstract (150-300 words), and contact information including academic affiliation, level of studies (if a graduate student), and academic rank (if a faculty member), as well as your e-mail/website.  Please include three/four key words/concepts from your paper, and indicate the relevant category from the list above (for instance, “empirical study of political violence”).
Organized Panels/Roundtables Submissions:  We also welcome the submission of organized paper panels and roundtables.  In this case, the submission should include a title and a general abstract (300-400 words) for the common theme of the panel. For organized panels, the submission should include a detailed list of all the participants and their respective paper abstracts, with all the relevant information noted above.  
Roundtable proposals should include a chair and up to six additional participants.  Panel proposals should include a chair, discussant, and up to five paper presenters (chairs can also serve as discussants and/or presenters). If a discussant is not nominated, we will find a conference participant for that role.

Volunteering to Serve as Chairs/Discussants:  Please indicate in your submission whether you are willing to serve as chair or discussant in the conference panels.  You could also indicate your area of expertise from the eight themes mentioned above (from a) to h)).
Registration deadline is over.
The deadline for submissions of individual papers and organized panels is August 1st, 2018.  Proposals submitted after that date will only be considered if presentation slots remain available. We will notify you by email about your prospective participation in the conference by September 15, 2018.
We look forward to welcoming you in Jerusalem in January 2019.